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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is considered to be the oldest engineering discipline. It is believed to have commenced during 4000 BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia when humans started to abandon the nomadic existence and make permanent settlements. It deals with the design, construction and maintenance of building, bridges, roads, canals, dams etc. Today with globalization there is an increased need for the development of infrastructure all over the world. Hence Civil Engineers are in great demand.

The three years Diploma Course in Civil Engineering offered by our institute is designed to impart theoretical knowledge of various subjects with a perfect blend of practical knowledge by arranging industrial visits and guest lectures by experts in the field related to the subjects in every semester.Civil engineering diploma is a three years program and the curriculum includes specific topics in civil engineering and provides successful students with industry-accredited qualification. After completing diploma students may move onto undergraduate degree (BE/BTech) and further to post-graduate degrees (ME/M.Tech), which allow students to further specialize in their particular area of interest.

Mr. Manvendra Sinha

Head of Department

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Course Information

  • Sanctioned Intake - 120

  • Course Duration - 03 Years


Be a premier department of Civil Engineering, producing ethically strong professional civil engineers to contribute in the development of the nation.


  • Empower the students to become diploma civil engineers of high caliber

  • To provide sustained environment for learning, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for overall personality development

  • To develop students with skills of employability, entrepreneurship potential and professionally ethical citizens

  • Projects by Student

    Projects are the activity where the students can put their imaginations to work with required guidance from faculty members. Students are allowed to explore their skills in various projects which are a part of the curriculum. Our students are participating in Technical project competitions at various colleges to showcase their work.


    Information of Laboratories

    01. Concrete technology Lab

    Our concrete technology laboratory has advanced instruments which are used to assess the strength durability and other properties of concrete. We also perform concrete mix design incorporating cementitious materials like fly ash and fiber reinforcing materials.

    Major Equipments

    • Digital compression testing m/c
    • NDT apparatus
    • Concrete permeability apparatus
    • Pan mixer
    • Aggregate impact test apparatus
    • Los-Angeles abrasion machine
    • Digital sieve shaker
    • Temperature controlled cement testing cabin

    02. Strength of Materials Lab

    The Strength of Materials laboratory equipped with 100T computerized Universal Testing Machine(UTM),Impact Testing Machine, Hardness testing and Tile abrasion machines is used for various tests like tensile, compressive and flexural strength, hardness of metals and abrasive resistance of tiles.

    Major Machinery

    • Computerized UTM
    • Impact testing machine
    • Tile abrasion machine
    • Torsion test apparatus
    • Rockwell hardness tester

    03. Geo technical Lab

    Our modern Geo Technical Lab has the facilities to test various parameters like liquid limit, plastic limit unconfined compressive strength, bearing capacity etc . of soil .We also have the facility to carry out the field tests and to design flexible pavements like GSB,WBM,WMMB as per MOST specification.

    Major Equipments

    • Tri-axial apparatus
    • Consolidation apparatus
    • Permeability
    • Direct shear
    • Field and lab CBR apparatus

    04. Survey Lab

    The Survey Lab is equipped with Compass, Levels, Theodolites and also the advanced computerized Total Station with Auto Civil software.

    Major Equipments

    • Total station
    • Theodolite
    • Dumpy level
    • Planimeter
    • Prismatic Compass

    05. Hydraulics Lab

    The Hydraulics Lab consists of Hydraulic bench, Reynolds apparatus, Bernoulli's apparatus, Tilting Flume etc.

    Major Equipments

    • Bernoulli's apparatus
    • Hydraulic bench
    • Venturimeter
    • Reynolds apparatus
    • Water current meter
    • Friction factor app
    • Losses in pipes
    • circular orifice

    06. Environmental Lab

    The Environmental Lab established in the academic year 08-09 has all the equipments and facilities as required by the revised curriculum

    Major Equipments

    • Digital ph meter.
    • Turbidity meter.
    • Digital BOD incubator
    • Muffale furnace
    • distillation plant


    Academic Results Summer 2018

    Sr.No Semester Number of the Students % of Students Passed % of Students Passed with First class % of Students Passed with Distinction >75%
    1 CE2I 121 83.47 24.79 18.18
    2 CE4G 149 77.85 32.89 19.46
    3 CE6G 152 93.42 46.71 40.79

    Academic Class Toppers

    Semester 2

    teacher img

    Bhagat Mayuresh Mukund

    1ST Topper

    89.05 %

    teacher img

    Janhavi Kiran Patil

    2ND Topper

    88.95 %

    Semester 4

    teacher img

    Lavand Pramod Subhash

    1ST Topper

    94.00 %

    teacher img

    Kondilkar Ankit

    2ND Topper

    90.11 %

    Semester 6

    teacher img

    Athare Suraj Rajkumar

    1ST Topper

    93.25 %

    teacher img

    Dudhane Ankita Rajaram

    2ND Topper

    92.38 %

    Roll of Honour

    Sr.No Year of Passing Name of the Students State Ranking Percentage
    1 2018 ATHARE SURAJ RAJKUMAR 91.58
    2 2017 ASHISH KALE 86.91
    3 2016 PATIL SHUBHAM T. 89.21
    4 2015 (G Scheme) PATIL VINIT MOHAN 89.58
    5 2015 (E Scheme) RAUT MADHURA 2nd Rank 92.92
    6 2014 ZARI FURKAN RAFIK 91.25
    7 2013 PRANAY THAKUR 89.50
    8 2012 KUSH KHANNA 2nd Rank 90.70
    9 2011 JOHN MICHAEL 90.00
    10 2010 HEENA MERCHANT 85.83

    Industrial Visit

    To supplement classroom education industrial visits are arranged for the students to get hands on experience of the industry. Visits are regularly arranged to the sites like Dam, Metro, Bridge, flyover, water treatment plant and high rise buildings.

    Vashi Railway Station - 4th Sem - TEN - 23/01/2016


    New building under construction - 4TH SEM - PP - 09/01/2016


    Expert Lectures / Seminars

    Learning goes well beyond the classrooms through expert lectures by industrial personnel. This helps to enrich our students with the latest updates of industries and recent technical development. Our department regularly organizes expert lectures and seminars by inviting distinguished faculty and persons from industry.

    Sujatha Kumar - Water proofing - 17/1/2017


    Sujatha Kumar - Water proofing - 17/1/2017


    Short Term Courses / Workshops

    The changes in the industry requirement are also incorporated during the program by making the students take short term courses and by equipping them with software training which are essential these days. To ensure industry collaborative learning our department has signed MOUs with few industries and we regularly organize workshops for our student. STAAD Pro is one such software used for analysis and design of structures. The training program of four weeks (16 hours) is conducted at regular intervals for a batch of 20 students interested to make a career as structural design engineer.


    Material Testing and Consultancy Cell

    The department has established Material testing and Consultancy Cell in the year 2004 with an idea to develop an effective Industry -Institute interaction . We provide this service to many reputed firms like HCC, Gammon India , Span Consultants. Our clients list also include Indian Railways , PWD and Irrigation Department of Maharashtra.