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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. It requires a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and energy. Mechanical engineers use the core principles as well as other knowledge in the field to design and analyze motor vehicles, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, watercraft, manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, robotics, medical devices and more. The educational objectives for Mechanical Engineering programme at Agnel Polytechnic are designed to produce competent engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of mechanical engineering field and to accommodate the needs of the community.

Mrs. Beenu Johnkutty

Head of Department

Mrs. Beenu Johnkutty

Course Information

  • Sanctioned Intake - 120

  • Course Duration - 03 Years


Be a well-recognized Mechanical Engineering department producing a blend of responsible & technically competent engineers imbibed with human values


  • Impart fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering and technical skills to serve the industry and the society

  • Organize regular interactions with industry in order to provide exposure to emerging technologies for professional development

  • Provide opportunities to promote organizational and leadership skills through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities

  • Projects by Student

    Students have to take up industry sponsored or self financed projects during the sixth semester, which gives them the opportunity to exhibit their skills acquired during their studies. This ensures a correct blend of theory and practice of Mechanical Engineering. In the previous years students have presented projects in the field of Robotics, Mechatronics, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control, Material handling, alternate energy sources, automobile engineering, test rigs for experimentation etc. which were widely appreciated by eminent engineering industrial personnel. They can also take up projects in industries for productivity improvement, energy conservation, automation, jigs and fixture design and manufacturing, and cost reduction.

    Information of Laboratories

    01. Metrology Lab

    02. Thermal/RAC Lab

    03. I/C Engine Lab

    04. Hydraulics Lab

    05. Fluid Mechanics Lab

    07. Metallury Lab

    08. Mechanics Lab

    09. RAC lab

    10. Autocad Lab

    Academic Results Summer 2018

    Semester Number of the Students Passed (%) % First class(%) Distinction (>75%)
    II 121 95.71 74.48 39.7
    IV 142 90.10 67.60 25.4
    VI 137 97.83 95.60 48.20

    Academic Class Toppers

    Semester II

    teacher img

    Rodrigues Ralph

    First Rank


    teacher img

    Ameya Tulpule

    Second Rank


    Semester IV

    teacher img

    Monali Patil

    1ST Topper

    87.2 %

    teacher img

    Bhagyashree Khade

    2st Topper

    85.89 %

    Semester VI

    teacher img

    Roshan Ghadge

    1st Topper


    teacher img

    Kripal Singh Babra

    2nd Topper


    Roll of Honour

    Sr.No Year of Passing Name of the Students State Ranking Percentage
    1 2015 GOLE SANDESH RAMRAO 92.84
    2 2014 KHANVILKAR RANJIT 1st Rank 94.06
    3 2014 ASHISH VALANJU 2nd Rank 94.06
    4 2013 TUSHAR GHAG 1st Rank 92.28
    5 2012 ANIKET JAGTAP 1st Rank 92.19
    6 2012 AGARWAL AKOOLKUMAR 3rd Rank 91.49
    7 2011 SUKUNAL SINGH GALA 1st Rank 92.57
    8 2010 ROHIT WANI 90.49
    9 2009 ROHAN CRASTO 82.57
    10 2008 BULSARA SHAHZAD 82.37
    11 2007 SHAIK MOHD. AZHAR 78.76
    12 2006 SHRIKANT NIKAM 77.53
    13 2005 BINNI CHOWALLOOR 87.32

    Final Year Rank Holders 2016

    Sr.No Name of the Students Semester Percentage
    2 VARA VASU KISHOR ME 6G[A] 88.65

    Industrial Visit

    The students are taken for various industrial visits to acquaint them with the developing technology in Industries, at least twice every semester. These includes power plants, manufacturing units, service industries, science centers etc.

    Sr.No Name of Industry Date Subject Name Semester Photo
    1 Power Beam Technologies 23/07/2016 AMP ME 5G photo
    2 Power Beam Technologies 19/07/2016 AMP ME 5G photo
    3 Gauges Bourdon (I) Pvt. Ltd 7/08/2016 MNC ME 5G photo
    4 Gauges Bourdon (I) Pvt. Ltd 14/08/2016 MNC ME 5G photo
    5 Gala Industrial Estate 30/07/2016 MEM ME 3G photo
    6 Maharashtra State Power Generatin Co. Ltd 01-02-2017 TEN ME 4G photo
    7 Shree Gurukrupa Industries 14-01-2017 MPR ME 4G photo
    8 Pawar Industries 11-02-2017 MPR ME 4G photo
    9 Aircon Pneumatics 18-02-2017 IFP ME 6G photo
    10 Salva Cold Storage Pvt Ltd 25-02-2017 RAC ME6G photo

    Expert Lectures / Seminars

    Short Term Courses / Workshops

    The department invites eminent industrial personnel for conducting workshops, seminars, lectures, group discussions, personality development programmes, value education training, etc. Entrepreneurship development programmes are also taken up. These activities are organized under the banner of ISTE and MESA. Also students are encouraged to participate in national and state level technical paper presentation and project exhibitions. The institute also arranges national and state level technical paper presentation every year. Some of the recent Workshop conducted are listed below.

    Year Name of the Expert Topic Subject Semester Photo
    2016 Pranali NDT Services Vashi NDT Workshop CEP ME 5G Div-A&B photo
    2016 Mr Amit Gumjal Director, Milestone Technologies, Thane(W) Design Workshop Autodesk Fusion-360 CEP ME5A photo
    2016 Mr Amit Gumjal Director, Milestone Technologies, Thane(W) Design Workshop Autodesk Fusion-360 CEP ME5B photo
    2016 Mr Chetan B AutoCAD Training Programme CEP ME2A photo
    2016 Mrs Pratima K AutoCAD Training Programme CEP ME2A photo

    Consultancy Cell

    The department also offers, consultancy services to various small and medium scale industries for their development activities and setting up of quality assurance programmes. The Metrology laboratory carries out commercial surface finish testing for various industries.