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A vision to foster love and understanding among the various communities in india,and also to contibute to the development and self reliance through technical education into reality when on the 9th of June 1957,the Fr.Agnel Ashram was established at land end Bandra in Mumbai.

Under the inspiration and guidance of the founder FR. C. RODRIGUES and a dedicated few,a movement started with an orphanage and a trade school in carpentry.Today this movement has grown under the guidance of AGNEL ASHRAM FATHERS, it caters to full fledged schools(providing litearcy and education), Industrial Training Institutes,Polyechnics,Engineering college at the graduate and post graduate levels and School of Management.

This movement believes in the truth that the school is but an extension of the home and today this large AGNEL ASHRAM family comprises of over 30,000 students.The virtual number of people who are blessed and positively affected by the AGNEL ASHRAM FAMILY is around ten lakhs because,we automatically get connected and become real extensions to the sibling,parents and peer group members of the students studying here.The Agnel Ashram Family Movement orginated in Mumbai and from a very humble beginning,it has spread its wings and established Technical Complexes at Bandra-Mumbai, Verna-Goa, New-Delhi, Noida, Ambernath, Vashi and in Pune.

Rev. Fr. C. Rodrigues

The Founder


The AGNEL TECHNICAL COLLEGE started in 1969 with a course in Production engineering at Bandra in Mumbai.In 1976,part-time courses were started for the same. From Mumbai, FR.AGNEL ASHRAM branched out simultaneously to New Delhi and Verna in Goa in the year 1979 under continued request from the Government of India. The Education complex in Vashi started with a school in English and Marathi medium in the year 1982 and a Polytechnic in the year 1983 under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. Orlando and Rev. Fr.Almeida.The school is today known as Fr Agnel Multipurpose School and Junior College,the best in the satellite city of Navi Mumbai.

On the 22nd of June 1984, the AGNEL ASHRAM fraternity lost its visionary and founder but he left behind a great movement.The very same year 1984 saw the foundation of an Engineering College at Bandra in Mumbai and yet another feather was added to its cap with the number of diploma courses being increased to four in its Vashi center. Subsequently in 1998, the diploma courses were increased to five branches

In the year 1985-86, the Agnel Ashram Fathers started the Agnel Community Polytechnic at Bandra.This project was sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for the purpose of upliftment of downtrodden people of rural areas.Today,this community Polytechnic trains around 1000 students a year.

In the year 1991,the Technical Education Complex at Vashi,Navi Mumbai expanded with the setting up of the Industrial Training Center and FR.C. RODRIGUES INSTITUTE OFTECHNOLOGY IN THE YEAR 1994

In June 2000 an AGNEL ASHRAM INSTITUTE was started in Greater Noida (near New Delhi) and in Sept.2000 the foundation of yet another AGNEL ASHRAM INSTITUTE was laid in Pune. Recently, in 2001 a third technical complex was opened at AMBARNATH in order to provide a techno - financial background to the students.

A Management Institue was established at Vashi in the same year

It's a matter of pride that a part of the radar, which was used in the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta in which at the last moment a snag occurred,was set right by availing the high precision machinery and skillful expertise of our engineers at the workshop of FR. AGNEL POLYTECHNIC, BANDRA.

The Agnel Technical Education Complex in Navi Mumbai has a sprawling campus of an area over 27,670 sq meters and comprises of