Message from Managing Director

Rev.Fr.Saturnino Almeida

– Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

Thirty one years ago when the Agnel Polytechnic was established in the town of Navi Mumbai it was one more step towards the realisation of the vision of our founder Rev . Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues . A vision to foster love and understanding among the various communities in India and also to contribute to development and self-reliance of this great country through technical education. The hard work, dedication and commitment of our staff and students under the able guidance of Rev.Fr. Orlando has turned this institute into one of the best private polytechnics affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education and accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi

So, our dear students,as I welcome you to this institute on behalf of agnel ashram fathers, I would like each one of you to remember that you are a unique individual who has the power to make a world of difference. As Walt Disney has said, “you can dream , create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world”,

But it requires people to make the dreaming a reality. Our effort shall always be to provide you with a sound learning and doing environment, for we believe that talent can prosper only when it is recognised and appreciated. So,as the future makers of India, pursue excellence and aquire it by relentless training, frank feedback and constant self-improvement.One thing that can be said,irrespective of industry, is that it is a very competitive world you are going to work in,but I think our students today are far better equipped educationaly than those in the past. As Siddharth Ghosh says, it is not only academic ability that this world demands- but the world demands patience. It demands people who are open to learning and able to figure out how to make the best use of what they have learned over the years.It calls for a very high degree of professional commitment to whatever work they are doing.